macOS Monterey on Ryzen + Windows + VMware 16

Lauri Elias
5 min readMay 9, 2022

I’m running Windows 11 on my Ryzen 9 5900HX work laptop. Getting a virtual Mac up & running has been a day-long nightmare. I found various hacks on the internet for Virtualbox (csr-active-config, 6.1.30, VBoxManage — cpu-profile) — none of them helped me further than the chewed apple logo.

VMware came through and delivered me my Safari testing environment, but not without pain.

I like a package manager even when temporarily working in Windows, and while Chocolatey feels more like an AutoIt script than a robust tool, it’s a lot better than nothing. Install the VMware Workstation Player package:

choco install vmware-workstation-player

By default, you can’t even choose macOS from the dropdowns. The people of the internet have this solved:

Running Auto-Unlocker to have macOS as a choice in VMware Player
Choosing Apple Max OS X for the guest operating system
Naming the virtual machine
I’m a sucker for default values