Why Firefox should be your mobile browser

Lauri Elias
2 min readApr 15, 2024

Firefox for Android enables you to install extensions just like you’re used to on your computer. Currently they’ve vetted 972 plugins. Chief among them, uBlock Origin.

Browser market share, March 2024, Chrome dominates at 64%

Firefox ended the dominance of IE and peaked at a 32% market share in 2010. Now they’re a rounding error. That’s set to change a tiny bit when Google cripples existing ad-blockers come June. Probably mostly by disallowing on-the-fly updates of blocklists and dragging their feet approving Chrome Web Store updates.

I’m back to using Firefox on both desktop & mobile and can’t say I have any major issues. Chrome’s DevTools are superior, but that’s nothing gen pop cares about. And it’s not like I’m gonna be burned a heretic if I still fire up Chrome for 10 minutes a day at work.

Why do we all need to block ads? Because this is unacceptable:

Horrendous, ad-ridden experience browsing without uBlock
Spliced on https://kleki.com/

On 2 separate news sites I pay for, using the regular mobile Chrome, I’m greeted by the Europoor cookie notice (contending with gain-of-function research for Worst Idea Ever) and see 2 ads per article. Notice my battery drops 1% loading all that gunk.